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A Design Process For Generating Visualizations of Healthcare Data in Emergency Medical Services

Visualization of health reports of patients´┐Ż and their condition during golden hours is vital in emergency medical services. Present mobile technologies enable real-time data capturing by paramedics in ambulance and data visualization for analysis by team of doctors and nurses in hospital to deliver further treatment. Yet, difficulties in manual data model and existing mobile device constraints restricts following trivial porting approach in desktop computers, makes designing mobile visualizations a challenging task. This task requires considerable research effort to better understand how to design effective visualizations for manual data models used in mobile healthcare applications. In this paper, we present a study on different visualizing techniques in mobile context and propose a method for generating data visualization in healthcare systems. First, we discuss visualization techniques used in mobile systems and the challenges in designing visualization for mobile applications. Next, we present a visualization generation method using manual data model and steps in designing mobile data visualizations. We conclude by discussing how we can engineer effective visualizations based on manual data model that could benefit emergency healthcare services to deliver better care. Keywords: Mobile Technology, Data Model, Visualization, Emergency Medical Service, Device Constraints