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Significant Factors For Malaysian Older Drivers or Riders to Give Up Their Keys

Driving or riding is fundamental of freedom and independence but due to degenerative changes associated with ageing, there is increasing recognition of the need for older adults to cease driving or riding. While research in developing countries on driving or riding cessation are scarce, this brings down to the objective of this study which is to identify potential factors influencing driving or riding cessation in older Malaysian current and former car drivers or motorcycle riders aged 60 years and above. A sample of 105 participants that fulfilled the inclusion criteria had given their consent and completed the questionnaires. Stepwise multiple logistic regression analyses were performed to identify significant determinant factors of driving or riding cessation by controlling for baseline characteristics and potential confounding variables. Significant factors identified in influencing the decision to stop driving or riding among older adults were comorbidity (diabetes mellitus), depression, type of road user (motorcycle rider), and self-rated level of confidence (low) in the selected driving or riding situations. Index Terms´┐Ż Older adult, Motorcycle rider, Car driver, Cessation.