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Vernacular Architecture Recognition

Due to the importance of sustainable development in general and sustainable architecture specifically everyone�s attention has shifted to vernacular architecture. Due to the importance of this issue, Views has been attracted to the vernacular architecture which has been responded appropriately to the conditions and needs of human in its temporal and spatial conditions. Thus, the correlation between vernacular architecture and sustainable architecture is visible, so it is possible to take an important step towards sustainable architecture by recognition of vernacular architecture. Vernacular architecture is a term which has been raised in many architects conversations, books, articles and other references, here the question arises, that what is vernacular architecture? Anyone can comment on this question, and to distinguish a special meaning for it. Unlike efforts that took place on localization concepts in the field of architecture and related disciplines, inadequate attention to local factors caused a non-native Look to the native values and vernacular architecture. Due to this matter, with recognition of vernacular architectural we have studied the elements of the formation process, values and durability secrets. This research is in the field of fundamental and theoretical and has been done based on descriptive - analytic method and library studies. At the end, results of this research shows that the lack of attention to these components and thus creating obstacles are leading to the separation of today's architecture and vernacular architecture. Index Terms� Vernacular Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Style, Beauty, Unity.