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An Open to Improvement Factor For Regional Development in Turkey: Medical Tourism

Health systems expends for their citizens to prevent fall ill or return to health. Individuals are also spends on to be healthy and durable. Therefore, there is an economic dimension to health protection and improvement. There has also travels on behalf maintain good health, to be heathier or regain health. Health tourism can be a mandatory requirement, unlike other types of tourism. Medical tourism is a component of health tourism. Medical tourism has emerged with begin the trip to countries that higher quality and cheaper treatments. Medical tourism is growing day by day the reasons such as increasing the quality of life expectations, rising cost of care, not to be undertaken by the treatment of some health systems, the lack of adequate health facilities and service quality. Tourists´┐Ż expectations are also changing over time. It is discussed in this paper that the development of medical tourism, medical tourism potential, medical tourism market and regional development contribution of medical tourism in Turkey. Keywords: Medical tourism, health tourism, Turkey, vacation and treatment, patient tourists.