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Reflections of Turkey’s Geographical Properties on The Regional Cuisines

All cuisines in the world have some features which may be considered almost common. These are defined as the features which differ that cuisine from the other cuisines. The regional cuisines and nutrition types of the communities are shaped by the geographical, echological, cultural and economic features that play an efficient role throughout the historical process. Religion and beliefs, animal and plant diversity specific to the region, economic structures of the communities and the daily life styles shaped by these structures may be essential determinant of the cuisine. The features of the geography may specify the consumption types of the dishes as raw or cooked and the nutrition culture of the community. According to the gastronomy specialists, the richest cuisines of the world are Turkish, French and Chinese cuisines. In this study, which is based on a document examination, it is examined how general geographical features by regions reflect on the regional cuisines in Turkey, which has a significant place in the international platform with its cuisine. Keywords: Regional Cuisines, Turkish Food, Roots Of Turkish Cuisine, Cuisine Culture, Gastronomy Tourism.