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The Forgotten Psychological Side of Family: An Alternative Outlook to Reasons of Increasing Divorce and Decreasing Marriage Rates

Most of the researches conducted on family generally stress on the sociological reasons of divorce and social effects of marriage but little of them stress on the psychological side of them. Indeed, neither of them could be handled without considering psychology. For several decades most of developed countries have been implementing some socio-politic measures to encourage marriage (especially childbearing) and to decrease divorce rates but the increase in divorce and decrease in marriage rates have been keeping on. Then there must be other effects supporting these trends. This paper deals with the psychological factors of these trends with an alternative outlook. The paper consists of two sections. In the first chapter the psychological reasons of decreasing marriage rates to be held. In the second chapter the probable psychological factors effecting divorce to be discussed. Keywords: Family, Marriage, Divorce, Childbearing, Psychological aspect of family.