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Entrepreneurial Development: Contributions Of University Entrepreneurship Centre.

Virtually every university in Africa especially Nigeria has an Entrepreneurship Centre. The global economic recession effect accounted for the prevalent level of unemployment, poverty and in some cases youth restiveness. In order to address and revamp the economy doldrums at least in short run, recovery programs were embarked upon to empower the citizenry. The study examined the contributions of university Entrepreneurship Centre in the quest for entrepreneurial development in Nigeria. University entrepreneurship Centre adopted the three skill approach to empower aspirants, established and stucked entrepreneurs to gain skill and best business practice strategy thereby promoting effective entrepreneurship spirit among the stakeholders. The methodology adopted was purely exploratory and discussions were divided into segments. The paper established that through the three skill approach, the Centre empowered stakeholders and by implication improved the industry performance. The study concluded that the Centre contributed to giving birth to young entrepreneurs and created wealth. The paper recommended that government should create friendly business environment and access to credits for the nascent entrepreneurs. Keywords- Entrepreneurship Development, University Entrepreneurship Centre, Managerial skills.