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Complementary and Alternative Treatment in Gynaecological Cancer

Prolonging life time of women with gynaecological cancer provokes the need for complementary and alternative treatment (CAT) methods as well as traditional medical treatment to cope with cancer and its symptoms. The purpose of CATs for the cancerous individuals intends to decrease stress, strain and anxiety and also minimize the disruptive symptoms/side-effects of cancer treatment such as pain, nausea, vomit or sexual dysfunctions. Various results has been presented about the effects of CATs on gynaecological cancers. There is a need for more randomize studies and evidences on the subject. In our country, the Traditional Complementary Alternative Medical Application Regulations (2014) legitimated that CATs must be applied by certified doctors or health professions in trust with doctors. Reviewing literature, it has been observed that health professions don�t have enough knowledge on the subject and the literature of medical field don�t involve enough studies on the use of CATs. Based on this argument, this review aims to discuss the place of CATs in gynaecological oncology and the points to take into consideration within the present literature. Key Words- Gynaecological Oncology, Complementary and Alternative Treatment