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A Smart Home Automation Through Arduino Platforms For Education

With development of science and technology, solutions making life easier are rapidly increasing. In this paper, a smart home automation one of the most popular system that is studying on has been designed, implemented and optimized for education. Arduino which is one of the most favourite platform recently has been used for the system design. The system has been applied on a 1/20 scale model of house as a prototype for demonstration. In the model home, besides all windows and doors controlled, all signals gathered from sensors such as rain, temperature, soil, motion etc. have been monitored remotely. The system which is designed to be interactive with a database have been controlled and monitored by mobile devices runs IOS or Android. This study has been examined by being compared with similar systems in the related literature. The system also provides an opportunity of hands-on training to students studying in the related departments. Indexterms- Smart Home Automation, Smart Home As A Kit, Educational Automation.