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The Opinions of The Social Studies Teachers About the Digital Citizenship and Its Sub-Dimensions (Van City Sample)

The aim of this study is to determine the opinions of the Social Studies teachers' about �digital citizenship and its sub-dimensions". In this qualitative study, interview method was used to gather required data. In the scope of the research, the interviews were conducted with 34 Social Studies teachers working in schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education in Van Province by using Standardized open-ended interview forms developed by the researcher. The questions used in Standardized open-ended interview forms were prepared taking the views of experienced teachers into consideration. The data gathered through the teacher's interviews were analyzed by applying content analysis method. Having evaluated the research results in general, the majority of the Social Studies teachers give "No, I don't know" answer to the questions pertaining to such concepts as digital citizenship, digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital law digital rights and responsibilities, digital health and wellness, digital security; and define the digital access as "access to information via internet and digital tools"; digital commerce concept as �the commerce conducted via internet" and also define the digital communication as "getting contact with the social media tools". Index terms- Citizenship, Sub-dimensions of the Digital Citizenship, Social Studies Teacher