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The Effect of Microteaching on Pre-Service Turkish Language Teachers� Speaking Anxieties

In this study, microteaching was tested to improve pre-service Turkish Language teachers� speaking anxieties. The purpose of this study is to reveal the effect of microteaching on pre-service Turkish Language teachers� speaking anxieties. This study which was carried out within the context of Speaking Education course was conducted in the spring term of 2014-2015 academic year. The study group of this research which progressed during all the term consists of the students who took Speaking Education course in the term aforesaid in Yuzuncu Yil University, College of Education, Turkish Language Education Department. For this study which was carried on with true experimental design two groups were formed one of them being Experimental Group and the other one being Control Group. While Speaking Education course was given to Experimental Group based upon microteaching, the same course was given traditionally (the continuous teaching style) to Control Group. Pretests and posttests were implemented to both groups for the study and, at the end of the study, not only both groups� interior differences between pretests and posttests were analyzed, but also two groups� difference between posttests was analyzed. In the analysis of data t-test were used. Besides, effect size was computed with Cohen�s d. At the end of the study, it was found that there was a significant decline (from intermediate level to beginner level) in experimental group�s speaking anxieties posttest scores while there wasn�t any decline in control group�s speaking anxieties posttest scores. Index terms- Pre-service Turkish language teachers, Speaking Education course, microteaching, speaking anxiety.