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Examination of Text Elements Levels in Narrative Expression Those Turkish Language Teacher Candidates Give Place in Their Texts

In this study, the degree of using textual elements of Turkish teacher candidates has been analyzed. For this purpose, a document research has been carried out within the framework of qualitative research approach. Study material consists of the narrative texts written by Turkish Education Department 3rd grade students. In the result of data analysis, it is seen that the narrative texts written by students have different levels of story elements usage. In general, it is found that the narrative written expression of students doesn't have a high degree of using textual elements. It is determined that the degree of using textual elements of students in narrative written expression has a significant difference in terms of gender factor, and it is for the favor of girls; and also it is confirmed that this degree has no connection with the high school that students graduated from or with the number of books read in a year. Index terms- narrative texts writing skills, writing expression, story elements.