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Analysis of Marketing Strategy Based on Consumer Behavior

The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the effect of Situational Leadership Style and work Motivation on Performance of Employees in Department Of Social, Manpower And Transmigration Bombana District. This study was an explanatory method of collecting the questionnaires to submit a list of statements to the respondent. The populations in this study are all Civil Servants within the Department Of Social, Manpower and Transmigration located in the district of Bombana as many as 38 people as well as serve as a respondent because the population is small, then all members of the population used as a sample. The research concludes that situational leadership style and work motivation have a significant effect on employee performance. Thus the situational leadership style and work motivation was able to provide a stimulus for improving the performance of employees. Keywords´┐Ż Situational Leadership Style, Work Motivation and Employee Performance.