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Logistical Success Factors of Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry: A Strategic Business Process Innovation

This research focuses on the functional areas making up logistics namely: (1) inventory, (2) order processing, (3) transportation, and (4) warehousing. Assessment on the effectiveness of the above mentioned logistical areas is the basis in the crafting of the Strategic Business Process Innovation (SBPI) for Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry. SBPI is intended to serve as a key to achieving logistical leadership to master the art of matching operating competency and commitment to customer expectations and requirements, in an exacting cost frame. Such is made possible in the study by identifying logistical success factors in terms of four functional areas. Success factors of the different Philippine pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are identified and fused into one through A Strategic Business Process Innovation. The functional areas� success factors are evaluated in the light of the different sub variables using business performance indicators (BPIs). The study compares and contrasts the status of the four logistical functional areas of Philippine pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and identifies key success factors of each company�s logistical capability. Moreover, the researcher assessed the functional areas by having it benchmarked to Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Standard or model so as to identify if Philippine pharmaceutical industry is at par with the global logistics standard. Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Logistical Functional Areas, Key Success Factors