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Refuge of Management Information System Scaffold

Security is one of the central parts of Management Information System Software Framework (MISSF) and it comprises Security of Software, Data and Information safety and Network Security, Medium & Message etc. Traditional concerns range from forced entry into computer and storage rooms to destruction by fire, earthquake, flood, and hurricane. Recent attention focuses on protecting information systems and data from accidental or intentional unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction. The consequences of these events can range from degraded or disrupted service to customers to corporate failure. MISSF security has its own particular dimensions and is one of the highest transparent security elements that impact directly the end user through their daily payment interaction with business. MISSF security is the protection of properties related with e-transactions from unauthorized admittance, use, modification, or eradication. Dimensions of MISSF security are Integrity, Non-repudiation, Dependability, Secrecy, Isolation, and Accessibility. It not only offers the industry immense prospect but also creates a set of new risks and vulnerability such as security threats. Information Refuge, therefore, is an indispensable supervision and procedural prerequisite for any Proficient and Valuable Payment operation activities over the internet. Still, its definition is a multifaceted Endeavour due to the steady technological and business alteration and requires a harmonized counterpart of algorithm and technical solutions. Keywords´┐Ż MISSF, security issues, Signcryption, Audio Steganography, Cryptostego System Architecture.