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Buddhist Perspective According The Theory of Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorders or mental illnesses faced by man in this modern complex and competitive global society can be taken as one of biggest heath problems. Definitions given for psychological disorders are also worthy to analyses here. A disorder is what is not in order. An order is a human created way of behavior. Of someone shows behavior that is not accorded with the constructed order them he is said to be a psychologically disordered person. Therefore it is very clear that the distinction of a psychologically healthy one from that of an unhealthy one depends on structural and constructed behavioral patterns. Further it can be taken as the division of ordered behaviors and disordered behavior. Here my argument is that such a division has no logical basis as all human beings as a whole possess at least minor type of behavioral problems. This had been clearly emphasized in the Buddhist context. In this modern world majority of ht people are spending a lifestyle of secularity. So they all are world lings or ordinary personalities from Buddhist perspectives. Therefore such a distinction of ordered and disordered types has no foundation as all belong to the same category. The universal statement found in Buddhist context �All word lings are psychologically disordered� can be used as the deconstruction theory of psychological disorders. Keyword� Ordinary personality, Deconstruction, Behavioral problems.