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An Assesment of Brand Preferences For Mobile Operator Services in Katsina Metropolis, Nigeria

Technology has contributed immensely in the improvement of telecom businesses around the world. Telecommunication has totally changed the rate and manner of information dissemination in the entire world. It is without an aota of doubt, the best facilitator and guarantor of worldwide information flow. The Global system of Mobile Communications also known as GSM has shown the impact of technology on Nigerians within the last 15 years (2001�2016). With the introduction of GSM in Nigeria as a medium of communication, it has transformed both Individual�s and societal communication values. Brand preference has quantified the impact of marketing activities in the hearts and minds of potential customers. Higher brand preference usually indicates more revenues (sales) and profit, also making it an indicator of company financial performance. Therefore, the main objective of the paper was to examine brand preference for mobile operator services in Katsina metropolis, Nigeria with respect to customer�s sources of information search and factors that influence operator selection. The paper evaluated the significance of brand image, brand communication, network coverage, accessibility to recharge card, Customer services and Value added services, as it affect users� perception in selecting a mobile telecommunication service provider in the Nigerian telecommunication market. The result revealed that Network coverage came first with 57.9%, followed by brand image, which recorded 40.1% Accessibility to recharged card accounts for 35.2%, value added services 28.0%, others 24.0% and lastly customer services with 22.4. It was recommended that mobile operators should reduce their expenditure on promotional activities and brand building but rather invest on network extensions, quality service delivery and product and services outlets infrastructural development. Key Words- Brand preference, mobile operator services.