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Scrutinizing User Perceptions In Social Networks

Human-Computer Interaction specifies the combined performance of functions by human and machine. The main purpose of HCI is to improve interactions between human and machine by making computer more serviceable to the user requirements. HCI cognitive factors concerns how the users interact with the proposed designs. The purpose of this article is to identify how the cognitive process and capabilities of HCI influencing the users encouraging to use Social Networking Sites. . The top 4 SNS has been taken to examine the satisfaction levels of users�; both Online and Offline surveys were conducted among 40 and 57 respondents respectively. The results showed that the HCI cognitive factors in user perception which concerns motivation, enjoyment, satisfaction and experience levels are the basic elements that affecting users� regularity intention to use SNS. As a result, proposed research estimates the HCI user perception factors influencing users� satisfaction towards usage of social networking sites and association among these factors. Keywords- Cognitive, Perception, Intention