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Leadership, Total Quality Control in Business

The Study of leadership for five decades now has evolve from what it was known then to what it is obtainable in today’s business world. Issues on Total Quality Control (TQC) in production line especially on planning, design, application of creative concepts, emanates from the top level leadership and is communicated to workers who implement the decision Inorder for the business to break-even in a competitive environment. When the quality produced is defective, quantity is produce as end product which can lead to low patronage of the company product. The desire by producer to meet an increasing demands for goods and services has led most time to hasty quantity produced that are inferior which has not met the quality standard required hence the need for Total Quality Control (TQC). This study examined the role of leadership, total quality control in business. The study sought to establish the extent to which leadership, and Total Quality Control(TQC) affect the growth of a business. The study adopted the survey design and a two stage sampling procedure that involved a judgemental selection of three businesses. The data were primarily gathered using a structured questionnaire designed in Likert scale format. The ordinary least square (OLS) regression was used in analyzing the data. I found that leadership significantly affects worker performance in the business. I found that the implementation of quality control in business is imperative for growth. I also recommend continuous improvements of the process line inorder to achieve desired growth and delighted customer. Keywords- Leadership, Total Quality Control, Production line, Total Quality Management