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Proposal Of An HRV Measurement And Analysis System In Comparison To Available Products

There is no question the world is filled with health monitoring devices that rely on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurement and analysis to conclude health state. Most of these devices are marketed for sport or stress monitoring instead of health to bypass some of the restrictions of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA. This paper conducts a comparison between the available devices; this comparison is based on the device capabilities. As a result, a new HRV measurement and analysis product is proposed to address the shortcomings of those devices and refocus the interest on instantaneous, continuous and secure monitoring as opposed to the current focus on sampling rate and resolution. The novelty of the proposed product is in the secure communication of between the device and the analyzing server where it relies on cellular networks (3G) or Wi-Fi for data transmission, it is also meant to meet the FDA regulations presented in the introduction. The importance of this discussion is manifested in the possibilities that could be realized with refocusing the devices and reprioritizing the specifications. Keywords � eHealth products, mHealth, FDA regulations, HRV, HRV analysis, HRV measurement.