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Modelling Knowledge Sharing Intention Among Malaysian Polytechnics Academicians

Malaysian Polytechnics have transformed their system in order to enhance their academic staffs’ capabilities. Time based promotion system has changed to competencies based promotion. Academicians are required to present and publish their research as one of the condition to be promoted. Senior or knowledgeable staffs were highly encouraged to share their knowledge to their colleagues. However, if they keep on sharing their knowledge, more staffs become more competence and will become a stiff competitor in promotion raced. Most of the literatures focusing on the academic staffs at the university level, but none from academician at Polytechnic level. Understanding of the factors that lead to the sharing activity is vital for the management to achieve the goal of transformation. By adopting the theory of planned behavior, this study will try to identify factors that lead to the knowledge sharing. Using the convenience sampling method, 233 data was gathered from POLISAS and PMJ. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) approach was used to test the relationship between research model construct. The findings show that attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavior control, and intention to share were significant predictor for intention to adopt and actual sharing behavior. The findings, beside presents the suitability of PLS in statistical analysis, has also provide useful information to a better understanding in intention to share and actual behavior of sharing among TVET academicians. Limitation and suggestion for future research were discussed. Index Terms— Theory of Planned Behavior, intention to share, knowledge sharing, actual sharing.