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Internet Technology Utilization In Learning

Internet technology utilization has drawn significant attention when used in the learning environment. The utility derived from the technology in the learning process of a student has not been considered and determined over the years. The internet is a valuable resource used in the discipline of education and has brought significant changes and developments. Hence, there is a challenge in determining whether its use in learning contributes to the learning output of a student or not. The use of internet technology in higher learning institutions has been influenced by factors that affect both the student and the institutions. These factors include the knowledge of a student in the use of the technology (which ends up affecting their level of interaction with the technology), the total investment made by an institution in the provision of the technology and the usability of the technology that has been invested in. This paper addresses the measure of internet technology utilization in the learning environment by applying the Cobb Douglas production theorem. Index Terms- Internet technology, internet utilization, Cobb Douglas theorem