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A Roadmap to Institutionalizing Evaluation: Insights on The National Evaluation Capacity Building (Ecb) in Malaysia

For many years, the Malaysian government has strived towards institutionalizing a country-led evaluation system. Facing with mounting accountability and transparency pressures from the public has raised the need to enhance national evaluation capacity building (ECB) for national policies and programs. Review of literatures reveal that while there are many studies on ECB efforts in different countries around the world, studies that focus on the Malaysia’s national ECB efforts specifically in the public service context are still limited. Focusing on the concept of ECB at the national level, this paper attempts to unveil evaluation and ECB efforts in the Malaysian setting. Several important ECB factors are highlightedsuch as evaluation institutional set up, legal framework, evaluation budget, information management system, andemployees’ technical skills on evaluation. In addition to that, several issues and challenges in the current evaluation framework are also discussed.The paper concludes that the current evaluation and ECB practices have managed tostimulate evaluation activities at the policy and program levels at various agencies in the Malaysian public sector. Further studies should be conducted to explore more implementation issues and challenges faced by the government in institutionalizing evaluation via national ECB efforts. Key Terms- Evaluation, Evaluation Capacity Building (ECB), National Evaluation Capacity Building (NECB), and Governance