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Smart Board and Academic Achievement in Mathematics: A Small-Scaled Study in The UAE

The advancement of technology offers alternative methods of enhancing knowledge acquisition of students in the lecture-room and leads to a far more flexible learning environment. As academic establishments strive for increasing their market share in the sector, the adoption of scholastic innovative techniques through the interaction of integrated technology seemed panacea in the achievement of students in hard sciences and especially in Mathematics. Smart Boards came to diminish the chasm between traditional didactics and the systematic advancement of technology, by offering a systematic approach of synchronous communication among students, instructor and media. This paper reviews the large body of research and analyzes the finding of a small-scaled study conducted in a higher education establishment in the United Arab Emirates by exploring the interrelation of learners’ academic attainments in Mathematics with the use of Smart Board and raises concerns regarding its implementation. Keywords— Technology, Smart Board, innovation, knowledge acquisition, Mathematics, academic achievement, students.