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Effects of Teacher Stress on Workplace Deviance: Emotional Intelligence as Moderator

Malaysian education system has been the bedrock of the nation development. In order to meet Malaysian high aspirations amidst an increasingly competitive global environment, everyone plays a vital role, especially the teachers. The transformation in the Malaysian education system has affected the teaching profession. Teachers are facing more stress due to inevitable changes in the education system and this leads to inclination towards workplace deviance. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of teacher stress on workplace deviance and how emotional intelligence on part of the teachers could moderate such relationship. Research variables undertaken by the study were teacher stress, emotional intelligence, and workplace deviance. 300 questionnaires were distributed to thirteen secondary schools in one of the districts in Terengganu, Malaysia. A total of 283 questionnaires were returned. The findings indicated that teacher stress has a direct effect on workplace deviance, but indirect effect on emotional intelligence; emotional intelligence also has an indirect effect on workplace deviance. Significantly, the outcome of this study revealed that teacher stress and emotional intelligence are important antecedents for workplace deviance and emotional intelligence could be acknowledged as an important moderator for the relationship between teacher stress and workplace deviance. The findings provide insights to teachers on stress and emotional intelligence management and forward practical implications as well as recommendations to the Ministry of Education.