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Effects of Using Storybird to Enhance Creative English Writing Ability of Mathayomsuksa III Students

This research aimed to study the students� creative English writing ability by using Storybird and to study their motivation towards creative English writing. This study was conducted with 25 Mathayomsuksa III students of Pakphanang School, Nakhon Si Thammarat for 18 hours in the first semester of the 2016 academic year. The research tools were lesson plans, Storybird, a paper-based creative English writing pre-test and post-test and a questionnaire on students� motivation. The scoring traits of creative English writing, Character, Setting, Organization, Creativity, Grammar and Language Usage, were analyzed by using rubric score. The statistics applied in the study were mean, standard deviation, percentage and t-test for dependent. The research results indicated that creative English writing ability after using Storybird was significantly higher than before at a .05 level. Moreover, the students� motivation towards creative English writing after using Storybird was at a high level. Keywords� Storybird, creative English writing Ability, motivation.