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Effects of Team-Based Learning in a Flipped Classroom With Enhancement of Listening and Speaking Ability of Matthayomsuksa V Students

The flipped classroom is a new pedagogical method, which employs asynchronous video lectures at home and practice solving problems at school. Integrated with team-based learning in the classroom, it is more interesting to explore the findings. This paper investigated learner�s ability in achieving the goal of English listening and speaking in class. The purposes of this paper were 1) to compare listening and speaking ability between flipped classroom integrated with team-based learning method and traditional approach, 2) to compare test score of listening and speaking ability before and after treatment and 3) to compile students� satisfaction score on flipped classroom integrated with team-based learning. The study conducted with 68 Matthayomsuksa V students who study in the first semester of 2016 academic year for 10 weeks. Research tools were lesson plans, a satisfaction questionnaire with the reliability index of 0.89 and listening and speaking ability test with reliability index of 0.95, content validity index of 0.83 and face validity was tested by students. English speaking and listening ability test was employed by using inter-rater approach with reliability index of 0.90. The data was analyzed by using mean, standard deviation, percentage and paired t-test for independent sample. The findings of this paper indicated that the test scores in English listening and speaking students� ability after learning in an integrated flipped classroom with team-based learning was significant higher than before at the .05 level and the comparing test scores of experimental group in English listening and speaking students� ability with controlled group which was carried out traditional approach were higher than at the significant level at .05. The satisfaction scores were calculated in mean and were at a very high level. Keywords- Flipped Classroom, Team-based Learning, English Listening and Speaking, Active learning.