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The True Faces Between Landslides and Mountain Development-Integrating Geospatial Statistics and Geodatabase

Development in mountainous areas in high population density countries is inevitable, but the true faces between development and landslides are still uncertain.Clarifying keycurrent factors or ancient factors resulting in landslidescan be important for hazard prevention and mitigation.This study tookShihmen Reservoir Catchment in Taiwan as a study area. Two different types of explanatory variable combinations in 5 periods (1946, 1971, 2001, 2004, and 2012) collected from geodatabase and digital achieves were applied in investigation with discretelogistic regression analysis.It is clear in results that the landslide increased dramatically from 1946 to 2012 in the catchment area. The proximity and overlapping of human development with landslides arose. However, the logistic regression results indicated that the landslide susceptibility variables were all natural with the exception of historical deforestation and newly constructed road systems.For this reason, well-recovered ancient woodland sites might be landslide prone area now. We suggested that the accumulated ancient events should be considered as explanatory variables in future landslide prediction analysis. Keywords´┐Ż Landslide, Human Development, Discretelogistic Regression Analysis.