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Exerciser� S Buying Decision of Whey Protein in Bangkok

The purpose of this research is to compare whey protein buying decision behaviors of exercisers in Bangkok Metropolitan categorized by consumers� personal characteristics. Samples were Bangkokians who exercised and consumed whey protein for more than six months. A set of questionnaires was used as research instrument to collect data from 217 respondents. The data were analyzed using One-way ANOVA. Majority of respondents were male entrepreneurs, aged 18-30, who were single, with bachelor�s degrees and with average income of 10,000-20,000 baht. Main reasons for taking whey protein were to build up muscles on parts of the body and to maintain good shape. The hypothesis testing result revealed that two independent variables, the educational levels and the occupations, were related to buying decision behaviors of the consumers who were exercisers in Bangkok Metropolitan with the statistically significant level at 0.05. Moreover, it was found that among the respondents, the decision to buy whey protein was mostly at the �high level� with the average value of 3.92. Key words- consumer buying decision, personal characteristics, whey protein