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Management and Control of The Children in Social Networks

Which is correct? Social or anti-social networks? Our children spend many hours a day browsing their personal pages on social networks, and not one but several different networks and multiple ones. This can have short-term and long-term risks for our children, beside the positive benefits, including converting the child to an alone person, isolated and non-social that is locked up in his room for a long time and is staring to his/her phone, tablet, laptop screens like hypnotized people. In fact, children are the most vulnerable members of social networks, that damages to them can cause severe and possibly irreparable in short-term and long-term. If children's activities on social networks be without parental supervision, is risks associated with. That is why it is better parents, apart from psychological and child-rearing practices, be familiar with the software and hardware management practices and controls of the social networks. Very simple solutions let the parents to manage overt or covert, their beloved children activity in cyber space and social networks and minimize the risks of virtual space for their children. Keywords- Social networking, cyber space, children,