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Modeling Sustainable Management For Community- Based Tourism: A Case Study of Floating Markets in The Lower Central Thailand

This paper explored the historical background of 4 floating markets in the provinces of the Lower Central Thailand, studied the management of the markets and initiated a model for sustainable management for the markets. The study employed mixed methods of qualitative and quantitative approaches. In-depth interviews and questionnaires were used for collecting the data. The samples included 24 key informants from the tourism industry, public sector, and communities around the floating markets, and 306 entrepreneurs at the floating markets. The historical background of these floating markets indicated the strong relationship between the local communities and the river culture, which had later been affected by land transport development. The study also found that the floating markets were managed by use of the dynamic of community committee, with the involvement of local government and private sector. A sustainable management model for the floating markets was also suggested in this study. Keywords: Floating Market, Model, Sustainable Tourism.