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Factors Affecting Participation and Waste Management For The People in Community: Phayaprasit Community, Dusit, Bangkok

This study aims to study the factors that affect the participation of citizens in waste management in Phrayaprasit community, Dusit, Bangkok and guidance affecting development in the community, how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research. The number of samples in quantitative research is 300 examples. Simple Random Sampling by conducting a survey of citizens. Qualitative Research has done by interviewing Chairmen of the community, government officers and 10 people. Guidance of waste development and management in the community. 1) Waste management includes creating awareness about waste. The result of the questionnaire, according to those interviewees show that the operation along the guidance of reducing the amount of waste. Encouraging the public to participate in reducing waste each day. The participation on waste includes collaboration solutions by encouraging the public to be aware of waste collaboration solutions properly and appropriately, reducing waste, thinking/ planning participation. The co-operation of the public in the establishment of a recycling bank, monitoring and evaluation. Keywords- The public participation; waste management, Phrayaprasit community, Dusit, Bangkok.