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A Vitality of Success Personality and Major Characteristics For Small Business Owerners

Small business is a driving force of economy of Thailand. The success of small business results in the macroeconomics success of Thailand. The objectives of this study were to examine the vitality of success personality and major characteristics that resulted in the success of small business owners and to recommend a useful guideline for other small business owners in Thailand to be successful in the future. The random sampling was utilized to obtain the sample which included 200 small business owners who had asset less than 50 million baht. The findings revealed that the majority of respondents were about 45 years old or more and held an undergraduate degree. The majority of respondents knew basic computer and had ability to use Microsoft office and internet in a very sufficient level. In addition, the mean score can be used to rank the success personality and major characteristics from highest to the lowest level as follows: Teamwork, Assertive, Focus, Time management, and Ability to communicate effectively. Keywords- Vitality, Personality, Success, Small business owners