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Community Elderly Care Model

Thailand had become an aging society since 2004 and will have one third of its population as elderly. Therefore, elder care management is an increasing important topic. The objective of this paper was to study the model of elderly care in Tumbon Salaya, Nokornpratom Province, Thailand. There were 15 communities and about 11,000 people in the area. This paper utilized the participation action research and qualitative research method by using focus group through the storytelling and in-depth interview. The technique of story-telling was an important technique to gain trust and to elicit insight information from the elderly. The results of this study revealed the elderly had participated with government elderly care program and very satisfied and there were six important areas: community capacity, local knowledge from elder, health public policy for elder, elderly demand, social and economy of community, and community knowledge. Keywords- Elderly c are, Community, Mode.