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Vital Factors That Affected The Success of Total Quality Management

Total quality management often lead to the success of the company. The aims of this study were to investigate the factors influencing the success of total quality management modeling for small companies, and to create a suitable total quality management model for small companies. This research utilized a qualitative method by using an in-depth interviews and focus group. The respondents were 5 managers from famous small business companies, 5 academic and scholars in the area of total quality management, and 5 customers who had been affected by the success of total quality management. Seven factors were used in the measurement, which included [i] leadership; [ii] training; [iii] communication; [iv] attitude; [v] incentives; [vi] motivation; and [vii] teamwork. The demographic findings revealed male respondents as the majority who had an average age between 41- 50 years, and had over 25 years of direct working experience. The majority had at least undergraduate degree. The findings on the significant factors for modeling the total quality management for small companies explained that successful private organizations required leaders who possess these seven vital factors. Keywords- Total quality management, Factors, Success