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Simulate Construction Schedules Using BIM 4d Application To Track Progress

the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is shifting from 2D CAD drawings to more semantically rich building information models (BIM). The arrival of BIM concept emphasises on adopting an approach of defining a building in a single building model with enough information to meet its various demands instead of defining it in disparate document. Further BIM is a tool which not only stands as a 3D geometric modelling tool, but also supplies useful information, data about several aspects throughout the life-cycle of a project such as design and development of a facility, construction process, quantities and scheduling, fabrication process, and information required for facilities managers, stakeholders. A BIM based approach assists professionals during the conception and designing of building but the same approach can also help in monitoring construction execution and maintain a control over it. This piece of research explores role of BIM methodology in the area of tracking schedules and monitoring of work progress by developing a building information model for a residential building, linking it with project planning systems and tracking it�s on site progress. This work is carried out using a simulation tool Navisworks Manage which helps simulate construction schedules in 4D to visually communicate and analyse project activities, and helps reduce delays and sequencing problems. Index Terms- BIM standards, progress tracking, 4D simulation, visual communication1