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The Impact of Social Media on Touristy Consumer Acculturation

Acculturation is used to describe the adaptation of immigrants and sojourners to different cultures in the most general sense. Tourists among people experience intensely the process of coming into contact and meeting with a foreign culture which is the most basic process of acculturation procedure. Therefore, tourism and tourists are the subjects which experience the acculturation most often. Nowadays social media as well as classic media tools started to be used intensely for establishment of a good relationship with that culture, not suffering the difficulties of being a stranger, learning that culture when encountered with a new culture in respect of between especially tourists and host culture. The aim of the study is to explain theoretically the role of social media on touristy consumer acculturation. This study is based an empirical study currently being done. The following is a review examining consumer acculturation processes, touristy consumer and the impact of social media on touristy consumer acculturation. Keywords- Consumer acculturation, touristy consumer acculturation, social media