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The Implication of Land-grab on Food Sovereignty: The Case of Cambodia

Confronting with the higher food price and distribution bottlenecks due to the global food price crisis, several rich food-importing countries and rising powers such as China, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea are struggling to purchase or lease enormous arable lands in Africa and Asia in attempt to do farming aboard in order to secure their direct food supplies of their local markets. Similarly, Cambodia is also now experiencing the foreign land grabs. Cambodian government has allowed many arable lands to be leased by foreign and local governments and investors looking to finance-poor, resource rich countries to ensure their food security as well as energy needs. While these food-importing countries are able to secure their food supplies, a number of Cambodians are experiencing under-nutrition and displacement. Therefore, the paper argues that land grab may secure direct food supplies of food-importing countries. And yet, it has impacts on food sovereignty in developing countries. Keywords- Food Sovereignty, Land Grab, Cambodia, Land Concession.