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Swine Marketing Model And Profit Maximization in Free State of South Africa

This study can be appreciated from the important role marketing models exert in the profit maximization of swine producers world over. This study is motivated by the fact that the previous millennium witnessed the agricultural product market changing from a predominantly producer dominated market approach to a demanding, well informed, consumer dominated market. These call for the validation of similarly studies in order to formulate informed marketing model that will enhance profit maximization for swine producers in the Free State. This study therefore, is set out to examine the swine marketing model and its effect on profit maximization the Free State of South Africa. The primary data was sourced using structured and semi-structured research questionnaire, while the secondary information was generated from existing / available relevant literature journals / periodicals. A judgmental sampling technique was used to determine the sample size of 80 swine producers. For the purpose of this study, Regression analysis and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Co-efficient (PPMC), were used while the Analysis of variance (ANOVA) statistical tool was used to test the hypotheses with the aid of Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22.0. The finding showed that the correlation coefficient is very high indicating that a very strong relationship exists between Gross income of Swine Producers in Free State and the determinants. The Coefficient of Determination (R2) = 0.855. This implies that a 85.5% variation in Gross income of Swine Producers in Free State is explained by variations in Production Cost, Access to Government Agricultural Subsidy, Access to Bank Loan, Membership of Swine Organization. The researcher therefore concludes a good model utility. Index Terms- Government Agricultural Subsidy, Marketing Model, Profit Maximization, Swine Producers