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Adolescent and Family Purchase Decision Making For Durable Goods Among Three Ethnic Groups of Nigeria

The family is an important institution on products purchasing in society. The teen segment is growing rapidly and wields significant purchasing power. This study is set out to examine the influence adolescent wield on family purchase decision making, with respect to purchase of durable goods among three ethnic groups in Nigeria. The significant of this study has to do with the interaction between family members � father, mother and the adolescent children - as a unit, and the fact that adolescent�s role in purchase decision making are given little or no attention in most developing world. The primary data for this study was sourced from structured and semi-structured research questionnaire. The study population consists of families� in the three ethnic groups in Nigeria, which are fairly represented in the study geographical area, and the sample size of 300 was generated by employing Mac�odo [1] Tara Yamani formula. The questionnaire was administered to families having children from the age of five and above. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) statistical tool was used to test the hypotheses in the Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 17.0. The result revealed that adolescent children influence family purchase decision making for durable goods in Nigeria, and that the degree of the adolescent�s influence on the family purchase decision making for durable goods in Nigeria is not significant. The knowledge of family purchasing behavior will help to develop appropriate marketing strategies that will identify the family member who play what role and at what stage in family purchase decision making. There is need to also adopt specific target marketing strategy for each category of the family as to achieve the desired marketing result. Index Terms- Adolescent, Purchase Decision, Impact, Durable Goods.