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Tweeting effectiveness. an empirical study of lebanon

Purpose - The core purpose of this paper is to find out the twittering effectiveness in terms of time spent on social networking platform. The objective is to find out the antecedents of effectiveness of twittering. Methodology - The sample of 200 respondents have been collected through random sampling and snowball sampling methods and SPSS and AMOS has been used to investigate the intensification of theoretical antecedents taken from the theory of information diffusion and innovation. Findings - Results have shown the highly positive and significant impact of socialization and information diffusion with time bound usage while the support servicing shows moderate impact. Conclusion - Twitter is most popular microblogging social networking site and modern age drives it positively for communication, gossip, chat, sharing and diffusion of information within no time. Keywords- Twittering, Twitter, Age of Twittering, Social Media and Networking, Micro blogging, IM, Information Diffusion.