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Factors Causing Line And Staff Conflicts Regarding Hr Roles: Evidence From Bangladesh

Organizational conflict is an issue of concern all over the world. This paper aims at identifying the factors that cause conflict between line and staff regarding HR roles in the enterprises of Bangladesh. A list of factors which are responsible for the conflict between these groups was identified from the literature review, which was discussed and proliferated by the Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The FGD was again used to structure and validate an inventory titled “Causes of Line and Staff Conflict” which was administered over 150 respondents based on the incidental sample technique for data reduction. Finally, this study found that there are four components which are organizational structure and environment, individual differences, internal dynamics and external forces are responsible for line and staff conflict for HR roles. If there is proper distribution of power through an effective design of organization structure, regular orientation, informal meeting, HR seminar, HR counseling and consultancy hour provided and maintained by the enterprises, this study found it to be rational for an effective HRM practice as there will be minimum conflict between line and staff regarding HR roles. Keywords-Conflict, conflict management, line and staff, line and staff conflict.