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Motivation Serving Customers As Determinants Established of Entrepreneurs Behaviour of Smes in Indonesia

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are businesses engaged in various business sectors and touch the people's interests in Indonesia. This business population is about 42.5 million units (99.9%) of all businesses. SMEs provide a significant contribution to employment (99.6%) and give significant contribute to Gross Domestic Product amounted to 56.7%. It turns out this great potential allegedly not accompanied by good behavior of businessman. This study wanted to know the role of consumers serving motivational as a determinant of business behavior established of SMEs in Indonesia. The research covers all SMEs in Indonesia. The study took place between August 2015 to March 2016. The research method uses Neuro-Research (mix-method) that combines qualitative research (exploratory) and quantitative (explanatory and confirmatory). The research sample of 700 entrepreneurs of 25 cities. Sampling techniques uses Multystage Sampling. Results: (1) SMEs in Indonesia are likely to have a good business behavior significantly at α<0.05; (2) analysis with Binary Segmentation (Classification and Regression Trees), prunning namely Depth by 2, Parent amounted to 2, and Child by 1, a significance level of α<0.05. Increasingly entrepreneurs of SMEs in Indonesia have best motivation to serve consumers (X), then the behavior of entrepreneurs in doing business (Y) will be improved 31.449 times. Suggestions: (1) the government should realize the new policy namely "the realization of best motivation serving customers to improve fanaticism customers in order to force changes in the behavior of business entrepreneurs of SMEs in Indonesia, and (2) the government should build a Service Center for Entrepreneurial SMEs in every city across Indonesia as a consultant and companion SMEs to be able to plan the business, build business organizations, running a business with good governance, and maximize marketing product. Index Terms- Neuro-Research, Motivation Serving, Customer, Entrepreneurs Behavior