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Role of Social Capital In Employee Productivity in Iranian Banks

The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of social capital in employee productivity in the selected banks in Isfahan Province. It is a descriptive-correlational approach, and the statistical population includes 115 bank employees in 2014-2015 that are selected through simple random sampling. Tools of data collection were Nahapiet and Ghoshal's social capital questionnaire and Hersey and Goldsmith's productivity questionnaire. The collected data was analyzed at descriptive and inferential statistics levels including independent t-test, variance analysis, Pearson correlation coefficient, and regression analysis. The results disclosed that cognitive dimension of social capital has a slight predictability (β=0.013) for productivity but in turn, the structural and relational dimensions of social capital have the highest predictability for productivity with predictable values equal to β= 0.625 and β= 0.267. Keywords- Social Capital, Productivity, Selected Banks in Isfahan Province.