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Factors Influencing Quality Assurance Implementation In Saudi Universities

The study aims to develop a normative model for internal quality assurance (QA) for universities. The research question to be addressed is what are the factors that enhance or hinder the effectiveness of the internal quality assurance system in Saudi Arabian HEIs? Multiple case studies involving two different universities (KAU and PSU) were used to examine these questions. Data were collected using semi-structured interviews with both administrative and academic staffs, as well as document analysis and observation. A grounded theory approach based on that advocated by Strauss and Corbin will be taken to the development of the normative model for quality assurance which is the focus of the study. The results revealed factors that enhance the quality implementation are Support & commitment of management/leadership, Awareness & orientation, motivated faculty and Quality culture while the Employee and faculty resistance, fear of change and Infrastructure limitations were revealed as factors that inhibit implementation of QA. Keywords- Prince Sultan University (PSU), king Abdul-Aziz University (KAU), Accreditation, Quality Assurance, Government Policy.