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Parametric Design of A Surface Combatant For Simulation-Driven Design And Hydrodynamic Optimization

Ship design is an iterative process and generally depends on geometric modeling of ship hull form. Designer has to fulfill several different requirements developed out of regulations and customer�s needs. In the hydrodynamic part of the design process, to be able to lead this system to an optimized design, the designer has to understand the behavior of the system within the complete design space. In today�s common design processes it is mostly the modeling inside of a computer aided design (CAD) system that drives the process, while design performance is usually checked in the end by simulation. While this can merely be seen as trial and error, simulation-driven design takes a different approach by using simulation upfront to drive the development of the product�s shape. For this purpose, the hull form geometry has to be modeled on a functional basis, i.e. the shape has to be defined and generated from a set of meaningful parameters. This paper focuses on parametric modeling of a surface combatant to be able to create variants systematically for further optimization studies. This issue will be addressed based on the CAESES as a unique CAD-CFD integration platform that serves as a workbench for parametric modeling, optimization and data interfaces to external flow simulation codes. Keywords- Simulation-driven Design, Parametric Modeling, Hull Form Optimization.