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The Contribution of Co-Operative Organizations to The Oil Palm Smallholders Communities’ Economic Development:A Case Study of A Sustainable Oil Palm Cultivation Co-Operative In Malaysia

Aco-operative is an alternative model of an organization thatis able to meet the local community’s needs. Therefore, co-operativeorganizationsare instrumental inenhancing the community’s development.The purpose of this study wasto assess the economic contributions byco-operatives to the oil palm smallholder’s communities. A case study was conducted and 40 members of the Sustainable Oil Palm Cultivation Co-operative (SPOCC) in Temerloh district,Malaysiaparticipated as respondents.Questionnaires were distributed asan instrument of data collection and the descriptive analysis was conducted including analysis of mean, frequency, percentage and standard deviation.The study found that SPOCC contributedin marketing the crops, increasingthe oil palm smallholders’ incomeand their access to farming inputs. However, the contribution in the aspect of accessibility to loan and capital, technology and infrastructureneed to be improved.Thus, this study findsthe co-operative's potential roles in the economic development efforts for the oil palm smallholders' communityand its rooms for improvement in ensuring the sustainability of the smallholders in the industry. Keywords— Co-operative, Economic Contribution, Smallholder, Community Development.