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A New Social Movement As A Reaction To The Urban Regeneration

Urban regeneration is defined as a set of extensive visions aiming to transform the urban areas which are about to collapse physically and socially into liveable and dynamic areas. The conception of metropolitan urban regeneration in Turkey has changed over the last fifty years due to different structural, contextual, socio-economical, administrative and physical dynamics in different periods. In our study, urban regeneration project that is thought to be put into practice in squares of İstanbul and the social movement against this regeneration are assessed. In this context, the questions for this study are “can social movements change the decisions of political power about urban regeneration?”, “How can the civil actors effect on urban areas?” and “have the social movements got the power to change the decisions on urban?” The study is examined in accordance with the domestic and foreign literature. Moreover, the news in the national newspaper and the articles about social movements occurred in the case of the events are sought and evaluated. Keywords- Social movements, urban regeneration, urban squares.