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Assessment of Dietary Habits and Level of Knowledge About Principles of Nutrition Among Parents of Children Attending Primary Schools in The Area of Silesian and Opole Voivodeship (Europe, Poland)

Proper rules of dietary habits should be present in most of households and known by every adult people, particulary among parents raising their children and educating them how to eat healthy. Regular nutritional habits are an elementary factor to achieve good growth and human health. Our main assumption of this research was to determinate through anonymous questionnaire the level of knowledge of proper nutritional habits among parents of children attending some primary Schools in Poland (Silesian and Opole Voivodeship). This research is a follow-up of our previous study, which were focused on the assessment of dietary habits among children going to Primary Schools (in the age od 6-13 years old). Our last study consisted of nearly 1000 respondents living in rural and urban areas. The results were alarming � approximately 20% of all studied children have overweight and the same percent revealed obesity. Proper body mass was shown only among 40% of populated study group. These findings persuaded us to go ahead and broaden this results. We want to know, which factors determine this disturbances most. Thanks to our present research we would have a possibility of a wider analysis of the theme connected with diet. We could analyse the results looking at the nutritional principles having at family home � the most important factor in creating children dietary habits. Our results of present study are still in progress. We already have about 1000 questionnaires sent to the parents and now we are preparing the results. We truly hope that the esearch will be interesting and could improve the knowledge about society orientation about nutrition. Key words- awareness, knowledge, parents of children, proper dietary habits