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A Pilot Study To Develop A Reliable Scale That Measures The Influence of Using Technology on Studentís Performance in Learning Statistics

there is a significant role of using technology in learning statistics due to the fact that the use of software makes remarkable pro in learning this subject area. The goal of this paper is to establish a reliable and valid scale that will be used to measure the influence of using technology on studentís learning performance in learning statistics. To achieve this, a scale is developed and it consists of five constructs: PowerPoint, Software, Moodle, Internet, and Students Learning Performance. The reliability and the construct validity of the items of this scale are tested using SPSS version 18, and the data are collected randomly through students who use technology in studying Business Statistics course at Ahlia University in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The outcome of the data analysis indicates that the proposed model is reliable. Keywords- Software, PowerPoint, Moodle, Internet, reliability, validity